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Documents required for Visitor Visa for Pakistani nationals or Pakistani nationals holding dual nationality:

1. Sponsorship Certificate* (duly attested by the Authorised Officer in India) taking responsibility for the bonafides and good conduct of the Pakistani national;

2. Antecedents/Bonafides certificate issued by Foreign Office of the Government of Pakistan in Canada duly certifying the character and antecedents of the Pakistani national AND Police Clearance from Canada;

3. Income Tax returns/bank statement of the applicant/spouse or guardian/parent [in case of dependents];

4. Copy of NADRA card along with English translation clearly indicating the address;

5. Copy of electricity bill/gas bill/landline telephone bill;

6. Any one of the following :

(i) For employees working in the private sector, a letter from the organization giving details of designation, duration of service and address of the applicant; or

(ii)For self-employed business persons, a copy of the registration granted to the business establishment by the Government of Pakistan/Canada [as applicable] along with an English translation.

7. Copy of Passport, electricity bill, telephone bill, ration card, election I-card [any two] of the relative/host in India identifying clearly the address [Copy of passport preferred].

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