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PCC to Indian passport holders

This is issued for the purpose of employment, foreign resident status or immigration purposes. Visa status of applicant shall be checked at the time of accepting PCC application. A valid Indian Passport is must for accepting PCC application. Application shall not be accepted from those who are on a Tourist/Visitor visa.  PCC applications may be accepted from Indian citizens in Canada who arrive on tourist/visitor visa and later aspire to obtain residency visa or employment visa in Canada and have acceptance of Canadian immigration for the same. 

Applicant should fill online PCC application on https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in. This will generate the Application Reference Number (ARN) and PDF file.

The print-out of the saved PDF file of online PCC application should be submitted to the nearest center of BLS International, the outsourced agency (www.blsindia-canada.com). 

PCC to Foreigners

Foreigners who have resided in India in the past may apply for PCC for obtaining visa for certain countries, which require such documentation. Purpose for seeking PCC should be mentioned. Canadian nationals of Indian origin cannot seek PCC for their past stay in India while they were holding Indian Passports/citizenship.

Applicant should fill online PCC application on www.cgivancouver.gov.in/pdf/POLIC.pdf.

The print-out of the saved PDF file of online PCC application should be submitted to the nearest center of BLS International, the outsourced agency (www.blsindia-canada.com).

Requirements for applying PCC:

1.Application form duly filled in.

2.One recent colour passport size photograph (size 2 inch x 2 inch)

3.Current Indian passport, in original, with valid immigration papers (with photocopies)

4.Canadian/foreign passport (with valid visa) in original and its photocopy.

4 (a) Canadian/foreign passport holder, please submit copy (ies) of the relevant page(s) of the passport on which travelled to India or any other document confirming the stay in India for the said period.

5.Copy of legal status in Canada such as PR card, work permit, student permit, etc.

6.Copy of address proof in jurisdiction of this Consulate.

7.Pre-paid stamped self-addressed envelope for return of documents.


Time taken: Police Clearance Certificate shall be issued within ten working days if a clear police verification report is available in the system.  Otherwise, a reference shall have to be made to the authority which issued the Indian passport and the application would be processed further only on receipt of instructions from the said authority.

PCC in emergency

(Important note: This service is available only for Indian passport holders applying for immigration status, except citizenship, in Canada. This service is not available for Indian passport holders who are in Canada on visitor visa/record.)

  • All applications of PCC shall not be considered in this emergency category. Consulate shall decide whether a PCC application can be considered in emergency category or not.
  • This service can be applied in the Consulate (#201, 325 Howe Street, Vancouver) on any working day between 9.30-11.30am.
  • Application and documents required are same as indicated above, except 4 and 4(a).
  • Bank draft or Postal Money Order of C$ 92/- drawn in favour of “Consulate General of India”.
  • Processing time taken: 1 – 3 days. In some cases, PCC in emergency service may take longer time or may not be granted.
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